Western Maryland abortion provider will open in ‘abortion desert’ as other states further restrict abortion access

In the year since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down federal abortion protections, state legislatures have passed new laws to shape abortion access in their states.

While some states aimed to severely restrict access to abortions, states such as Maryland are seen as “access points” due to more lenient abortion laws. People who wish to terminate their pregnancies are likely to travel into the state for those services.

This dynamic is on display at a new clinic called the Women’s Health Clinic of Maryland, set to open in late June.

The new Maryland clinic is an extension of the Women’s Health Clinic of West Virginia, which had to stop performing abortions due to that state’s near total abortion ban that went into effect in September.

The new location is Cumberland, Maryland — just five miles from the border of West Virginia….”

By Molly
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