Since Dobbs, women’s dignity and human rights have been attacked in Ohio and across the country

Can you imagine American men allowing a legislature full of women or a majority female court to enact laws and decrees about their bodies? Can you imagine them tolerating female politicians imposing extreme government overreach on their private medical care decisions? Would American men put up with draconian restrictions on their personal liberties or accede to second class status in a controlling matriarchy?    Of course not. 
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COMMENTARY — Leave the practice of medicine to physicians, not politicians

Just four short years ago, during a moment where the whole world stopped, health care providers in New Hampshire, and around the nation, were revered as “health care heroes.” “Heroes” that our loved ones, neighbors, complete strangers, as well as our elected officials relied on and trusted, not only to provide comprehensive medical care during a global pandemic and a time of extraordinary uncertainty, but trusted they’d know what’s best for public health and our communities. Today, however, those same health care “heroes” who were trusted to compassionately care for all patients are suddenly under attack.
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Women will not yield in the free state of Nevada

Generations of Nevada women have ardently championed reproductive freedom with authentic Battle-Born spirit, strategic persistence and a steadfast commitment to personal freedom and family values. Despite facing national forces seeking to exert control over women and intrude into the most intimate and significant decisions of our lives — such as determining if, when, and how often to have children — Nevadans have consistently stayed one-step ahead in defending our autonomy.
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How to Have Effective Conversations About Abortion at Family Gatherings

"The holidays are almost here, and I’ll admit I’m a little anxious about discussing certain topics at the dinner table with extended family. I’ve got some very outspoken anti-abortion relatives. And even though I work to advance reproductive rights for a living, it can still be incredibly difficult to have meaningful conversations with them about abortion.  I know it’s going to come up, though, and I need to be prepared. Abortion continues to be a major issue in the news. Recently, Ohio became the seventh state in which voters directly backed abortion access with a ballot measure since Roe v. Wade was struck down by the U.S.…
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An illegal abortion killed my great-great-grandmother. A century later, what’s changed?

"In 1921, my great-great-grandmother Anna died because abortions were illegal.  She got pregnant — with her 11th child — when she was 40 years old, a full-time homemaker, married to a produce peddler in New York City.... I’m 16 years old, a junior in high school, looking to the not-so-distant future in which I’ll be attending college far from home. What if I were to get pregnant against my will? What if I were to get pregnant in my teens, without the means of raising a child? My story is different. I am frightened by what might happen to me...."
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OPINION: Column: Persecution of the abortion doctor who treated pregnant child was a shameful political farce

"The first physician to publicly fall victim to the antiabortion madness that has followed the overturning of Roe vs. Wade was vindicated last month when Indiana medical officials ruled that she did not fail to report child abuse and was not unfit to practice medicine after providing abortion care to a 10-year-old and telling a reporter about it...."
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