2 Women Who Say Abortion Restrictions Put Them in Medical Peril Feel Compelled to Campaign for Biden

A Texas woman who went into premature labor, developed sepsis and nearly died and a Louisiana woman who said restrictive abortion laws prevented her from getting medical help for a miscarriage are now campaigning for President Joe Biden as the Democrat highlights how women's health is being affected by the overturning of federal abortion protections.
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Misinformation is flowing ahead of Ohio abortion vote. Some is coming from a legislative website

The inflammatory language targeting a reproductive rights measure on Ohio’s fall ballot is the type of messaging that is common in the closing weeks of a highly contested initiative campaign — warning of “abortion on demand” or “dismemberment of fully conscious children” if voters approve it.
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Can the Pro-life Movement Compromise on Abortion?

Abortion foes thought Roe v. Wade’s reversal would usher in a more pro-life America by finally clearing the legal obstacles to the eventual abolition of abortion.  But in the 16 months since Roe fell, everywhere abortion has been on the ballot—including red states such as Kansas, Ohio, Montana, and Kentucky—voters have instead supported measures that protect abortion rights. 
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Maine lawmakers are a single vote from approval of bill to allow later abortions

"The Maine House voted Tuesday night to enact a bill to expand access to abortions, putting the proposal one final vote away from going to the governor for her signature. The Senate, which supported the bill in an initial vote Tuesday, must cast a final vote on the legislation that’d give the state one of the least restrictive abortion laws in the country. The House vote, 73-69, capped an emotional day that included demonstrators against the bill holding signs, singing hymns and chanting “kill the bill!” in the State House hallways...."
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Protesters opposed to Florida abortion ban march to Fort Lauderdale City Hall

"Protesters came together in downtown Fort Lauderdale to take part in a rally for reproductive rights. Demonstrators representing several nonprofit organizations marched to City Hall along North Andrews Avenue on Saturday afternoon with their message against abortion restrictions. Protesters said they want the issue on the 2024 ballot...."
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North Carolina lawmakers to decide on governor’s veto of 12-week abortion ban

"North Carolina’s Republican-majority state legislature will vote today on whether to overturn Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a 12-week abortion ban. The move could deal a fresh blow to one of the last bastions of abortion access in the south, which has been significantly curtailed after the supreme court overturned Roe v Wade last year...."
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