Feds: Alabama can’t enforce abortion travel ban

"The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday said Alabama cannot use conspiracy laws to prosecute people and groups who help women leave the state to obtain abortions. The Justice Department filed a statement of its position in consolidated lawsuits against Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, arguing that such prosecutions would be unconstitutional. The lawsuits, filed by an abortion fund and former providers, seek a court ruling clarifying the state can’t use conspiracy statutes to prosecute people who help Alabama women travel elsewhere to obtain an abortion. Marshall has not prosecuted anyone for providing such assistance, but he has made statements saying that…
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Lawsuit seeks to prevent prosecutions for helping arrange abortions outside Alabama

"Two clinic owners in Alabama and the ACLU filed a lawsuit Monday seeking to prevent prosecutions of people who provide information or assistance to women who want to travel out of state to get abortions. Alabama law prohibits doctors and others from performing abortions. The two plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Dr. Yashica Robinson and Robin Marty, used to run abortion clinics but now provide other health services to women, including prenatal and sexual health care. Both women  said they were afraid to provide information about abortion clinics located in states where the procedure is legal because of statements made by Alabama Attorney…
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After Dobbs, abortion access is harder, comes later and with a higher risk

"“there’s a clinic in GA about 3 hours away. They said they will do it as long as no heartbeat is found on the ultrasound. If they find a heartbeat what do I do then??” Alabama, where abortion is a crime, is surrounded by states with abortion bans. But nearby Georgia currently allows a tiny window, which shuts once the embryo’s cardiac activity registers on an ultrasound. This happens generally by six weeks’ gestation, and the user was running out of time. In reality, she had to have been farther along, as pregnancy is counted from the first day of one’s…
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Congress threatens to block Space Command headquarters funding as abortion politics impact location decision

"...NBC News reported this month that Biden administration officials have signaled privately to Defense Department leaders and lawmakers that they are considering reversing the planned move to Alabama over concerns about the state’s strict anti-abortion laws. Since the Trump administration announced in January 2021 that the headquarters would be in Huntsville, there has been a series of reviews and investigations of what has become a fraught, politically contentious process...."
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