How IVF is complicating Republicans’ abortion messaging

In-vitro fertilization has become the latest front in the political battle over reproductive rights, and it's left some Republicans grappling with how to square their support for IVF with their past stances on reproductive rights.
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Biden and Democrats attack Trump over abortion after report that he supports a 16-week ban

President Joe Biden and his allies attacked Donald Trump over abortion after the New York Times reported Friday that the former president has privately expressed support for a 16-week federal ban, as Democrats center the politically potent issue ahead of November’s election.
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Many Republicans support abortion. Are they switching parties because of it?

The first time Carol Whitmore ever had sex, she got pregnant. It was 1973, and Whitmore was a teenager. Whitmore’s parents were in and out of trouble with the police, Whitmore said. When they told Whitmore they would help her raise the child, she thought, nope., Whitmore got an abortion. That same year, the US supreme court legalized abortion nationwide in Roe v Wade
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Why the abortion issue matters

“American Elections Are About Abortion Now,” reads the headline over a New York Times column. New York magazine puts it more bluntly: “Abortion Wins Elections.” Every voter cares about many issues. Every election turns on many factors. Without a doubt, however, abortion gives the Democrats enormous leverage to counteract Joe Biden’s considerable weaknesses. As party strategist Tom Bonior wrote in his Times essay, “abortion could plausibly be the deciding factor next November.”
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