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Medical residents are increasingly avoiding states with abortion restrictions

The AAMC analysis found the number of applicants to OB-GYN residency programs in abortion ban states dropped by 6.7%, compared with a 0.4% increase in states where abortion remains legal. For internal medicine, the drop observed in abortion ban states was over five times as much as in states where abortion is legal. In its analysis, the AAMC said an ongoing decline in interest in ban states among new doctors ultimately “may negatively affect access to care in those states.”
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Telehealth abortions now account for nearly 1 in 5 in US, with thousands accessed under shield laws each month, report says

Most abortions in the United States are medication abortions, and telehealth has become an increasingly common way to access abortion pills — especially since the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision revoked the federal right to an abortion. In the last few months of 2023, nearly 1 in 5 abortions nationwide — about 17,000 each month — were medication abortions in which the pills were mailed to a patient after a remote consultation with a clinician, according to a new report from #WeCount, a research project led by the Society of Family Planning. When #WeCount started collecting data from abortion providers in April…
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Arizona Abortion Ban: Warning for US Reproductive Health Care

When the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on April 9, 2024, that the state's Civil War-era law banning nearly all abortions was enforceable, it brought into stark reality the potential impacts of leaving reproductive rights up to the states to regulate, and the related consequences for women's health. The ruling, set to go into effect in late June 2024, will only remain active for a few months because Arizona lawmakers repealed the law on April 30. Starting in the fall, a previous state law banning abortion after 15 weeks will be reinstated.
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Why is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy on Cinco de Mayo?

Today is Cinco de Mayo. It is not, contrary to popular belief, Mexican Independence Day. It’s actually a celebration of the Mexican victory over the French in a battle in 1862. Many also point out that the holiday is more celebrated in the US than in Mexico. But either way, it’s a day that is associated with Latinos, and often celebrated through cultural appropriation and eating things like guacamole and drinking tequila. But that’s another post. This year, Cinco de Mayo is also the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.
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Commentary: In the fight for reproductive rights, no one can save us but ourselves

Mayday! Mayday! As of midnight on May 1, Florida’s dangerous new six-week abortion ban is the law — effectively banning all abortion care in our state and causing doctors, patients and freedom-loving Floridians everywhere to elevate our calls for the passage of Amendment 4 so that we may enshrine abortion rights in the Florida Constitution.
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HHS Amends HIPAA To Further Protect Privacy of Reproductive Health Care Informatio

Changes to the privacy rule are likely to put regulated entities at odds with courts and law enforcement The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) this week released final amendments to the HIPAA Privacy Rule to further protect the privacy of protected health information (PHI) related to reproductive health care. The amendments will provide patients, health care providers, and others with greater protections from PHI being used and disclosed to conduct investigations or impose liability on those seeking, obtaining, providing, or facilitating reproductive health care.
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