Judge rejects attempt to enshrine abortion rights on Nevada ballot

"A judge in Nevada rejected a proposed 2024 ballot initiative that sought to enshrine reproductive rights, including abortion, in the state’s constitution. Siding with a newly established PAC — the Coalition for Parents and Children PAC — which filed a lawsuit last month to block the petition, District Judge James T. Russell deemed the proposed ballot initiative to be too broad, embracing a “multitude of subjects that amount to logrolling.”"
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Abortions are increasing in Ohio

"The number of abortions performed in Ohio has increased 8%, based on a comparison of 2020 and 2023 data, Axios' Adriel Bettelheim reports. Driving the news: States that are situated near those that banned abortion after Roe v. Wade was overturned in June 2022 saw sharp increases in the number of procedures performed, likely due to an influx of border-hopping patients, per a new analysis from the Guttmacher Institute. States with measures protecting abortion access had some of the highest jumps over the three-year period: Kansas' was 114% and Colorado's was 89%. Why it matters: Ohioans will vote on Nov. 7 on a constitutional amendment that would protect abortion access…
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Ohio Supreme Court rules ‘unborn child’ wording can remain in abortion ballot language

"The Ohio Supreme Court handed a partial victory to the state's GOP-controlled ballot board on Tuesday, ruling that the term "unborn child" can remain in the ballot language for a November vote on whether to enshrine abortion protections in the state's constitution. The ruling comes after Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights and five petitioners sued the board over ballot wording that omitted the term "fetus," which is used in the full text of the proposed constitutional amendment. The state Supreme Court rejected the petitioners' argument that the ballot's language "introduces an ethical judgment," saying that it "does not establish that the ballot board’s language constitutes improper persuasion."…
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Challengers seek rewrite of Missouri abortion-rights ballot measures, calling them misleading

" Abortion-rights advocates asked a judge on Monday to rewrite what they call misleading descriptions of several constitutional amendments on abortion that voters could see on Missouri’s 2024 ballot. Missouri is among several states, including Ohio, where abortion opponents are fighting efforts to ensure or restore access to the procedure following the fall of Roe v. Wade last year..."
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Abortion rights activists set their sights on Arizona after Ohio win

"A top progressive group wants to build on the huge success Democrats are having with abortion-related ballot initiatives — this time in Arizona. Fresh off their 14-point victory in Ohio on Tuesday, progressive groups are eyeing the Southwest battleground state as the next place to ensure abortion rights after the fall of Roe v. Wade. Arizona currently bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy...."
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Ohio abortion clinics continue to help out-of-state patients as bans are put in place

"As groups await legal battles on abortion, as well as hope for a November ballot initiative to include reproduction rights in the Ohio Constitution, abortion clinics are also looking to help surrounding states where bans have taken hold. Indiana has been the most recent state surrounding Ohio to see an abortion ban approved — set to start on August 1 — and with it struggles for Planned Parenthoods in the state to care for patients, even those seeking other reproductive services. While Ohio awaits the state Supreme Court’s decision in a case regarding an indefinite pause to the six-week abortion ban in the state,…
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