Dane co. judge’s ruling on consensual abortions sparks statewide debate

"It may look like a win for abortion rights activists today, but the debate isn’t over. Dane County Circuit Judge Diane Schlipper reaffirmed her July decision permitting consensual abortions. However, Sheboygan County District Attorney Joel Urmanski says he plans to appeal. In the State of Wisconsin, abortion is legal up to 21 weeks and six days. If you are under the age of 17, you must of parental consent. When Healthfirst has a pregnant person come in and they are unsure if they want to keep the baby, they want to give that person options...."
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Providers can sue over Arizona ban on abortion for genetic anomalies -court

"A U.S. appeals court on Monday revived a challenge to an Arizona law banning abortions from being performed solely because the fetus has a genetic abnormality. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that a group of healthcare providers can sue the state over the law because they are harmed by it, reversing a lower court ruling. The panel did not address the merits of the challenge, finding only that the providers are entitled to pursue it in court...."
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Kansas can’t enforce new law on abortion pills or make patients wait 24 hours, judge rules

"A Kansas judge on Monday put a new state law on medication abortions on hold and blocked older restrictions that for years have spelled out what providers must tell patients and forced patients to wait 24 hours to end their pregnancies. The ruling was another big victory for abortion rights advocates in Kansas, where a statewide vote in August 2022 decisively confirmed protections for abortion access under the state constitution. District Judge K. Christopher Jayaram’s order suspends some restrictions that have been in effect for years. The waiting period had been in place since 1997...."
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Idaho can enforce abortion ban in medical emergencies, court rules

"Idaho can fully enforce its near-total abortion ban after a U.S. appeals court lifted a lower court order that had partially blocked it. A unanimous panel of the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the state ban on abortion, which includes a narrow exception for abortions that are necessary to prevent the mother's death, does not conflict with a federal law on emergency care...."
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Ohio Supreme Court rules ‘unborn child’ wording can remain in abortion ballot language

"The Ohio Supreme Court handed a partial victory to the state's GOP-controlled ballot board on Tuesday, ruling that the term "unborn child" can remain in the ballot language for a November vote on whether to enshrine abortion protections in the state's constitution. The ruling comes after Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights and five petitioners sued the board over ballot wording that omitted the term "fetus," which is used in the full text of the proposed constitutional amendment. The state Supreme Court rejected the petitioners' argument that the ballot's language "introduces an ethical judgment," saying that it "does not establish that the ballot board’s language constitutes improper persuasion."…
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Idaho health care providers can refer patients for abortions out of state, judge rules

"A federal judge has ruled that it would violate Idaho medical providers’ free speech rights to sanction them for referring patients to out-of-state abortion services, rejecting the state attorney general’s interpretation of Idaho’s abortion ban. Idaho’s law makes it illegal to perform or attempt to perform an abortion, a crime punishable by two to five years in prison. It also makes it unlawful for health care professionals to assist in the provision or attempted provision of one, with the penalty being the suspension or loss of their medical license...."
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