Arkansas group files third draft of proposed abortion amendment

"Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin will review a third draft of a proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee a limited right to abortion. Arkansans for Limited Government, a ballot question committee supporting the amendment, submitted the draft Monday after Griffin rejected the second draft last week. Griffin wrote in Thursday’s opinion that the drafters had addressed most of the issues he had with the first iteration of the amendment, which was proposed and rejected in November...."
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Arkansas AG rejects second proposed amendment to make abortion a constitutional right

"A proposed constitutional amendment proposing a limited right to abortion in Arkansas needs further revisions before it can appear on the 2024 statewide ballot, Attorney General Tim Griffin wrote in a Thursday opinion. Griffin rejected a previous version of the proposed amendment in November. The initial proposal said state government entities would not be allowed to “prohibit, penalize, delay or restrict” Arkansans’ access to abortion “within 18 weeks of conception.” Both rejected proposals would have permitted abortion services in cases of rape, incest, a “fatal fetal anomaly” or to protect a pregnant person’s life or health...."
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Ohio GOP lawmakers call to block courts from implementing new abortion amendment

"Several Ohio Republican lawmakers are proposing to strip courts of the authority to review cases related to implementing the newly passed Issue 1 abortion amendment.  In a statement released Thursday, four GOP lawmakers claimed without evidence that there was “foreign election interference” in the vote to pass Issue 1, and threatened to block the ability of courts to interpret the new constitutional amendment...."
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