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Are Maryland prisons out of bounds with federal requirements for trans prisoners?

Nearly a year after formerly incarcerated transgender people testified to Maryland lawmakers about the troubling conditions they faced in state prisons and Baltimore jails, the agency in charge of their care continues to violate federal standards in how it houses trans prisoners, according to a coalition of trans rights advocates.
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Protecting healthcare workers advocating for safe abortion: Amnesty International abortion defenders report launch

"Amnesty International has released a new global report, An Unstoppable Movement: A global call to recognize and protect those who defend the right to safe abortions, highlighting the attacks, intimidation and criminalisation healthcare workers and activists face for supporting the right of women and girls  to access abortions. Based on more than 40 personal interviews and supported by several organisations including FIGO, the report reveals the harrowing experiences of  healthcare workers, activists and advocates around the world who face abuse, arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for their work...."
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WSU researchers find 41 percent of U.S. women have no abortion access within 30-minute drive

"More people seeking abortions must travel for care because of bans or restrictions in their home states. Researchers at Washington State University found that 41.4% of American girls and women between the ages of 15 and 49 have to drive more than 30 minutes to access an abortion provider. That totals about 30.8 million women, said senior author Dawn Kopp.  The report, published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, found another 29.3% had no access within a 60-minute drive, and 23.6% did not have access within 90 minutes...."
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Florida’s abortion rate spikes post-Roe

"Abortions surged in Florida after last year's U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade that removed long-standing federal protections for the procedure. Driving the news: Clinician-provided abortions in Florida increased by a total of 20,460 in the year after the ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, according to the Society of Family Planning's #WeCount report. Why it matters: Florida — which has a 15-week abortion law — has emerged as an "access point" for out-of-state patients in need of an abortion due to its close proximity to states with more restrictive abortion laws or outright bans...."
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In Argentina, election fight brews over women’s rights and abortion

 "Argentina's presidential election race is putting abortion access and women's rights in the spotlight, sparking fierce debate in a country that has been a pioneer in expanding reproductive rights in Latin America. The election frontrunner, economist Javier Milei, opposes abortion and wants to hold a referendum on whether the 2020 legalization of abortion before the 14th week of pregnancy should be repealed. He also wants to shut the ministry of women, gender and diversity, which he has called a type of "affirmative action" that is degrading towards women. His closest contenders are economy minister Sergio Massa for the incumbent Peronists and…
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Thousands of women march in Latin American cities calling for abortion rights

"The streets of cities across Latin America were bathed in green Thursday as tens of thousands of women marched to commemorate International Safe Abortion Day. Latin American feminists have spent decades fighting to roll back strict prohibitions, although there are still few countries with a total ban, like El Salvador and Dominican Republic..."
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