Anti-abortion advocates oppose CT constitutional amendment

"More than 1,500 anti-abortion activists marched on the Connecticut Capitol grounds Wednesday, calling on lawmakers to halt a proposal before the General Assembly that would enshrine reproductive rights in the state’s Constitution.  The third annual March for Life drew religious leaders, Catholic school students and other advocates, including state lawmakers from both parties. This year’s gathering comes as abortion rights around the country are being rolled back in some states and expanded in others. Connecticut has extended access to HUSKY for undocumented people seeking abortions and enacted a legal shield to protect doctors who provide abortions, among other protections...."
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A Democratic senator needs an abortion. She told her colleagues about Arizona’s ‘cruel’ laws.

"Arizona’s anti-abortion laws impact women across the Grand Canyon State, and one Democratic state senator spoke out about how those laws have hurt her as she seeks to end an unviable pregnancy, urging GOP lawmakers to consider the harm caused by the restrictive laws they support.  An emotional Sen. Eva Burch described, in a speech Monday on the Senate floor, the hoops she has had to jump through to secure an abortion, after finding out her pregnancy is not viable. Despite knowing for weeks that her pregnancy is likely to result in a miscarriage, the Democrat from Mesa has not yet received…
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Texas Medical Board to discuss medical exceptions to strict anti-abortion law

"At its March 22 meeting the Texas Medical Board, which regulates medicine in the state, will discuss exceptions to anti-abortion laws. After Roe vs. Wade was overturned, Texas's near-total ban on abortion took effect. Only rare cases are allowed. Doctors argue the exception wording has been too vague. Healthcare advocates, anti-abortion advocates, and even the law's author have asked the medical board to give doctors guidelines on what is an exception...."
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A lesson in recognizing anti-abortion propaganda

Extremist anti-abortion rhetoric often relies on misleading propaganda to sway public opinion and garner support for the anti-choice cause. By disseminating inflammatory and false information, extremists seek to manipulate individuals into adopting their political viewpoint, regardless of the factual inaccuracies presented to the public. Such tactics not only misrepresent the truth, but also perpetuate harmful misconceptions about reproductive health care and individual rights.
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California sues anti-abortion organizations for unproven treatment

"California Attorney General Rob Bonta on Thursday sued an anti-abortion group and a chain of anti-abortion counseling centers, saying the organizations misled women when they offered them unproven treatments to reverse medication abortions. Heartbeat International, a national anti-abortion group, and RealOptions Obria, which has five anti-abortion counseling centers in Northern California, used “fraudulent and misleading claims” to advertise a procedure called abortion pill reversal, according to the lawsuit. Abortion pill reversal treatments are unproven, largely experimental and have no scientific backing, Bonta said in the lawsuit...."
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