Kansas can’t enforce new law on abortion pills or make patients wait 24 hours, judge rules

"A Kansas judge on Monday put a new state law on medication abortions on hold and blocked older restrictions that for years have spelled out what providers must tell patients and forced patients to wait 24 hours to end their pregnancies. The ruling was another big victory for abortion rights advocates in Kansas, where a statewide vote in August 2022 decisively confirmed protections for abortion access under the state constitution. District Judge K. Christopher Jayaram’s order suspends some restrictions that have been in effect for years. The waiting period had been in place since 1997...."
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Kansas faces OB-GYN shortage. Providers warn new laws could further strain maternity care

"...Babler hopes to be an OB-GYN nurse and practice in Kansas, but she said the Kansas Legislature's continued efforts to limit abortion—even after Kansans overwhelmingly rejected a constitutional amendment which would have restricted or banned abortion in 2022—have caused her to reconsider where she wants to practice..."
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“It Was Dehumanizing,” Says Woman Who Was Illegally Denied Emergency Abortion

"The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are currently investigating two hospitals in Missouri and Kansas that violated federal law by refusing to provide an emergency abortion to a woman who was experiencing premature labor, according to The Associated Press..." Here is the aforementioned Associated Press Article: Feds: Hospitals that denied emergency abortion broke the law
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