Mental health & pregnancy + sudden cardiac arrest in women

Every year, about 350,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.  Almost 90 percent of all cases are deadly.  40 percent of these episodes are made up by women. While men and women experience different symptoms of heart disease, the risks of sudden cardiac arrest are different, too. Nancy Dagefoerde, an advanced practice nurse with the OSF HealthCare Cardiovascular Institute, says sudden cardiac arrest can happen to any adult, mostly those 30 and older. 
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Extreme heat exposure during pregnancy can raise risk of severe delivery complications, new study finds

Pregnant people exposed to extreme heat are at higher risk of developing life-threatening complications during labor and delivery, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Thursday. The research adds to a growing body of evidence showing the impact extreme heat has on a pregnancy, while also making a distinction between long-term exposure and events like heat waves.
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