Republicans try to soften stance on abortion as ‘abolitionists’ go farther

"As some Republicans try to moderate their messaging on abortion over concerns about voter backlash this November, some activists are trying to go much further. Outside a fertility clinic in Charlotte, N.C., last month, dozens of protestors lined both sides of the street, as some shouted toward the closed front door. "How many children are in the freezer here? How many?" one man yelled, interspersing his speech with Bible verses...."
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How IVF is complicating Republicans’ abortion messaging

In-vitro fertilization has become the latest front in the political battle over reproductive rights, and it's left some Republicans grappling with how to square their support for IVF with their past stances on reproductive rights.
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Alabama passes IVF protections while red states still push ‘personhood’ abortion laws

All but six state legislatures are now in session, and abortion-related bills continue to be introduced, especially in states where the procedure is already banned. It can be hard to monitor them all, so States Newsroom’s Reproductive Rights Today team will track certain bills that could become law in their respective states in a biweekly legislative roundup.
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‘We knew’: Abortion rights advocates who predicted the Alabama ruling warn about more restrictions

The Alabama Supreme Court ruling last week that embryos are people, imperiling in vitro fertilization, shocked many Americans. But the decision was vindicating for abortion rights activists who have warned for years that the fall of Roe v. Wade would put other forms of reproductive health care on the chopping block.
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