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President Biden Signs Memorandum on Women’s Health Research Initiative

President Biden delivered brief remarks as he signed a memorandum establishing the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research, saying it would help solidify federal efforts to boost medical research of specific interest to women. First lady Jill Biden also offered her thanks to some of those in attendance who had advocated for the initiative’s creation, including journalist, advocate, and former first lady of California Maria Schriver.
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Justice Department Files Statement of Interest in Case on Right to Travel to Access Legal Abortions

The Justice Department filed a statement of interest today in two consolidated lawsuits seeking to protect the right to interstate travel, including the right to travel to another state to obtain an abortion that is legal in the destination state. The statement of interest explains that the Constitution protects the right to travel across state lines and engage in conduct that is lawful where it is performed and that states cannot prevent third parties from assisting others in exercising that right. The statement argues that the Alabama Attorney General’s threatened prosecutions of individuals for providing assistance to people seeking lawful…
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Extreme heat exposure during pregnancy can raise risk of severe delivery complications, new study finds

Pregnant people exposed to extreme heat are at higher risk of developing life-threatening complications during labor and delivery, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Thursday. The research adds to a growing body of evidence showing the impact extreme heat has on a pregnancy, while also making a distinction between long-term exposure and events like heat waves.
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