House of Representatives

‘We are voting against women’: SC Dems vow to fight before abortion debate

"Three female Democrats from the South Carolina House of Representatives promised they would fight a six-week abortion ban during a special session of the General Assembly Tuesday. Gov. Henry McMaster called the special session Friday through an executive order, stating that lawmakers had unfinished business that included work to finalize a ban on abortions after six weeks...."
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Local businesses encourage lawmakers to keep veto of new NC abortion bill

"Local businesses gathered in hopes of encouraging lawmakers to keep the veto of Senate Bill 20 and they say will save business. David Meeker invited some of his business colleagues outside of his business Trophy Brewing Monday to encourage the veto of the abortion ban bill...."
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House Republicans punt on national abortion ban amid fears of 2024 backlash

"House Republicans are abandoning a years-long push by their party to pass a federal abortion ban and are exploring other ways to advance their anti-abortion agenda – a remarkable shift that underscores how the GOP is wrestling with an issue that has become a political landmine for their party. In interviews with dozens of Republicans, the vast majority – even among the staunchest opponents of abortion– rejected the idea of Congress pursuing a national ban and said leadership has no plans on the horizon for it to be a centerpiece of their agenda, despite passing federal restrictions on the procedure in previous…
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