City Council

Amarillo City Council says it needs more time to debate abortion travel ban

"The Amarillo City Council prolongedĀ its debateĀ over a so-called abortion travel ban on Tuesday, spending more than two hours in front of a packed room reviewing draft rules that would attempt to block access to Colorado and New Mexico, two states where a Texas woman could legally obtain an abortion. The five-member council discussed three different drafts of the ordinance, with varying measures in each, and left the table without resolution. Abortion rights activists and legal scholars have sharply criticized the ordinances, calling the rules unconstitutional...."
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City Council resolution would shield abortion seekers in Baltimore from out-of-state prosecution

"Baltimore City Council is taking on a bill to further protect abortion providers from out-of-state prosecution. Baltimore City Council resolution 185-r would prevent the city from retaining records that might be used to retaliate against people seeking abortion care. "Health care should be protected, especially reproductive health care," said Karen Nelson, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Maryland. Maryland passed a law this year protecting patient information from being shared out-of-state without permission...."
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