Opinion: Help us put abortion rights in the Colorado Constitution

Colorado long been a trailblazer in individual liberties, can guarantee the right to abortion in the state Constitution While Colorado has long been a trailblazer in championing individual liberties, the absence of a constitutional guarantee for the right to abortion leaves a critical gap in our commitment to securing rights. In 2024, we must protect the full range of reproductive health care in Colorado by putting abortion rights into the Colorado Constitution.
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Colorado medical boards propose not banning ‘abortion reversal’ treatment

"Democratic state legislators passed a law this year to prohibit so-called "abortion reversal" treatment, moving to make Colorado the first state in the nation to ban the controversial practice.  But that plan is now facing a major hurdle from state medical boards. Senate Bill 190, signed in April, classifies abortion reversal treatment as unprofessional conduct, subjecting medical workers who provide the treatment to professional discipline. But the bill allowed abortion reversal to be reclassified as professional conduct if the state medical, nursing and pharmacy boards all agree that it’s a valid medical practice.  In a draft rule, the boards did not…
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Colorado Becomes First State to Ban So-Called Abortion Pill Reversals

The Colorado legislature passed a bill to make prescribing any drug in this way medical misconduct, unless three of the state's medical boards find it is a "generally accepted standard of practice." Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed the bill into law on April 14. The bill also limits advertising by pregnancy resource centers opens in a new tab or window, which do not offer abortions; rather, they are known to try to talk people out of getting an abortion.
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