How Meta Created a Wild West for Abortion Misinformation

"...Now these posts are at the center of Oversight Board cases that will establish guidelines for how Meta should moderate abortion-related content. Specifically, the board—a panel of 22 researchers, advocates, and policymakers who advise Meta on content moderation—is considering how the tech giant “should treat content that uses the word ‘kill’ while discussing abortion and its legality.” But beyond the specific moderation issues within the cases, the board will also evaluate how Meta’s enforcement practices shape the conversation about abortion in America. The outcome could have profound implications for abortion access. The Oversight Board is expected to announce its recommendations (shaped in…
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‘Not based on science’: US confronts abortion ‘reversal’ myths

"Wracked by guilt after taking an abortion pill, a sobbing woman calls a US hotline. It recommends a "reversal" treatment to save the fetus—despite medical warnings that it is potentially life-threatening. Misinformation about medical termination appears to have skyrocketed since last June, when the Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion...."
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