Reproductive Health Care

COMMENTARY — Leave the practice of medicine to physicians, not politicians

Just four short years ago, during a moment where the whole world stopped, health care providers in New Hampshire, and around the nation, were revered as “health care heroes.” “Heroes” that our loved ones, neighbors, complete strangers, as well as our elected officials relied on and trusted, not only to provide comprehensive medical care during a global pandemic and a time of extraordinary uncertainty, but trusted they’d know what’s best for public health and our communities. Today, however, those same health care “heroes” who were trusted to compassionately care for all patients are suddenly under attack.
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Challenging harmful masculinities and engaging men and boys in sexual and reproductive health

More research is needed to address the impact of harmful masculinities on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), according to a new priority research agenda drawing on a global survey of researchers that was published today in The Lancet Global Health. Harmful gender norms affect boys and men in many ways, for example by increasing risky behaviours such as substance use or unprotected sex, or by causing negative attitudes and practices towards women. However, research on engaging men and boys has often neglected how to address harmful masculinities in ways that promote gender equality in many SRHR programmes.
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Abortion rights advocates launch ‘Vote Yes’ campaign as Maryland ahead of vote on new amendment

"Abortion rights supporters Monday kicked off their campaign to "Vote Yes" on November's ballot referendum to enshrine the right to an abortion in the state's constitution. "We can't take anything for granted when it comes to reproductive health care," Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones said Monday. "We don't just need to win. We need to send a message."..."
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