Ohio GOP lawmakers call to block courts from implementing new abortion amendment

"Several Ohio Republican lawmakers are proposing to strip courts of the authority to review cases related to implementing the newly passed Issue 1 abortion amendment.  In a statement released Thursday, four GOP lawmakers claimed without evidence that there was “foreign election interference” in the vote to pass Issue 1, and threatened to block the ability of courts to interpret the new constitutional amendment...."
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Montana voters rejected an anti-abortion measure. State GOP lawmakers passed a similar bill anyway.

"In the months following the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision that gave states the power to ban abortion, voters in a half-dozen states spoke on the issue — and, in every case, chose to uphold abortion rights or reject an attempt to restrict them. Most recently, Ohio voters on Tuesday rejected a Republican-led effort to make it more difficult to change that state’s constitution, which would have set a higher bar for an abortion rights ballot initiative this fall. But the will of the electorate didn’t stop Republican lawmakers in one state, Montana, from passing a version of the anti-abortion proposal that voters…
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