Self-managed abortion

Abortions in North Carolina drop by 30% in wake of new restrictions, data shows

Abortions in North Carolina fell by more than 30% after the state enacted new abortion restrictions on 1 July, including a 12-week abortion ban, new data released on Wednesday by the Guttmacher Institute shows. North Carolina abortion clinics performed more than 4,200 abortions in June, but just 2,920 abortions in July. Nearby states did not see a comparable surge in abortions, suggesting that patients denied abortions in North Carolina had to self-manage their own – or simply went without.
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More self-managed abortion internet searches in states with restrictions vs. without

“...Data suggest that there may be an increased number of emergency department-related visits for self-managed abortions in states where abortion has become illegal,” Sean D. Young, PhD, a co-author of the research, told Healio. “Emergency providers/staff and/or policymakers might begin to monitor internet search data to gain a pulse on potential emergency resources and needs resulting from self-managed abortions...”
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