Strategies to Advance Racial Equity in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

“Sexual and reproductive health equity means that all people are supported by policies and systems that help them achieve their desired sexual and reproductive health. Currently, too many young people—especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth—lack the autonomy and system-level supports to achieve the sexual and reproductive health they desire. This brief aims to show programs, providers, and researchers how they can approach adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in a way that advances racial equity.

In this brief, we first provide some context on how racism impacts sexual and reproductive health for Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth. We then offer strategies to increase reproductive autonomy and system-level supports in adolescent sexual and reproductive health—with an explanation of how each strategy advances racial equity—as well as real-life examples of programs that are implementing these strategies. Advancing racial equity in sexual and reproductive health requires active and collaborative effort from programs, funders, policymakers, and researchers; therefore, it is our hope that these strategies can provide a starting point for engagement and discussion…”

By Saint
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