In Argentina, election fight brews over women’s rights and abortion

 “Argentina’s presidential election race is putting abortion access and women’s rights in the spotlight, sparking fierce debate in a country that has been a pioneer in expanding reproductive rights in Latin America.

The election frontrunner, economist Javier Milei, opposes abortion and wants to hold a referendum on whether the 2020 legalization of abortion before the 14th week of pregnancy should be repealed. He also wants to shut the ministry of women, gender and diversity, which he has called a type of “affirmative action” that is degrading towards women.

His closest contenders are economy minister Sergio Massa for the incumbent Peronists and conservative ex-security minister Patricia Bullrich, the most high-profile female candidate. She would leave abortion laws unchanged, though also close the women’s ministry.

Milei’s stance has caused fears among feminists of a risk of backtracking on gains in women’s rights in recent years, but has helped him win votes among young Argentine men who feel disenfranchised, as well as conservative female voters….”

By Molly
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