Why anti-abortion advocates are reviving a 19th century sexual purity law

After months of questions about what abortion policies he supports, Donald Trump finally addressed the issue this week, first in a video Monday on social media, saying it’s up to states to decide their abortion laws. That statement left many of the biggest questions on his stance unanswered.

On Wednesday Trump provided a bit more clarity, telling reporters he would not sign a federal abortion ban if one came to his desk, despite supporting one at 20 weeks during his first term. But he has yet to address the potential for the FDA to restrict abortion pills, which social conservatives argued for at the Supreme Court in March. And he did not talk about the Comstock Act, a 19th century law that some ardent abortion opponents want to use to restrict the practice.

According to legal experts, Comstock could be used to stop virtually all abortion in the country, including in places it is currently legal. When NPR asked the Trump campaign about his position on Comstock, they declined to address it directly….”

By Molly
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