Abortion rights groups file suit to overturn ban on taxpayer-funded abortions 

The ACLU Michigan announced Thursday it had filed a suit challenging Michigan’s ban on Medicaid coverage for abortion and related care, arguing the ban violates the state’s newly enacted constitutional protections for reproductive freedom. 

The suit, filed alongside the law firm Goodwin Procter on behalf of YWCA Kalamazoo, which offers financial assistance to help people pay for abortion care and related costs. According to a statement from ACLU Michigan, 77% of those who YWCA Kalamazoo provides with this assistance have incomes that qualify them for Medicaid.

The suit argues the ban on Medicaid coverage for abortion violates the right to reproductive freedom enshrined in the state Constitution, after voters approved an amendment in 2022. It also argues the ban also discriminates between childbirth and abortion and discriminates on the basis of sex. …”

By Molly
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