Abortion restrictions

Some states are restricting abortion. Others are spending millions to fund it

"As a growing number of states restrict abortion, other states and some local municipalities are substantially increasing funding for abortion and other reproductive health services. At least 15 municipal and six state governments allocated nearly $208 million to pay for contraception, abortion and support services for people seeking abortions in the year since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, according to data provided to NPR by the National Institute for Reproductive Health...."
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Poles hold protests demanding liberalized abortion law after death of pregnant woman

 "Poles demanding a liberalization of the abortion law protested in Warsaw and other Polish cities on Wednesday after a woman who was five months pregnant died of sepsis, the latest such death since a tightening of Poland’s abortion law. The protesters vented their fury against the ruling party, Law and Justice, or PiS, over several deaths in maternity wards in the past couple of years. The cases involved hospitals that refused to terminate pregnancies due to the presence of a fetal heartbeat even when the women were in grave danger...."
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