i-Health, Inc. Urges U.S. Congressional Leaders to Prioritize the Funding of Natural & Non-Hormonal Solutions for Menopause in Women’s Health Research

 i-Health, Inc. – a global consumer health and wellness company and wholly owned subsidiary of dsm-firmenich– is kicking off vital discussions with members of Congress to advocate for enhanced research and funding dedicated to natural and non-hormonal therapy options for women experiencing menopause. Building upon the White House Initiative on Women's Health Research launched in November 20231  and the recent Executive Order issued by President Biden in March 20242, i-Health, Inc. is taking action to reshape how decision-makers and healthcare professionals address the growing number of women seeking non-hormonal options for managing menopausal symptoms
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Medication Abortion Accounted for 63% of All US Abortions in 2023—An Increase from 53% in 2020

"New Guttmacher Institute research from the Monthly Abortion Provision Study shows that there were approximately 642,700 medication abortions in the United States in 2023, accounting for 63% of all abortions in the formal health care system. This is an increase from 2020, when medication abortions accounted for 53% of all abortions...."  
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Births have increased in states with abortion bans, research finds

"Nearly a quarter of people seeking an abortion in the United States were unable to get one due to bans that took effect after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, researchers estimate. In the first half of 2023, states with abortion bans had an average fertility rate that was 2.3% higher than states where abortion was not restricted, according to the analysis – leading to about 32,000 more births than expected...."
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WSU researchers find 41 percent of U.S. women have no abortion access within 30-minute drive

"More people seeking abortions must travel for care because of bans or restrictions in their home states. Researchers at Washington State University found that 41.4% of American girls and women between the ages of 15 and 49 have to drive more than 30 minutes to access an abortion provider. That totals about 30.8 million women, said senior author Dawn Kopp.  The report, published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, found another 29.3% had no access within a 60-minute drive, and 23.6% did not have access within 90 minutes...."
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Contraception — Research Paper from the Natl Library of Medicine

"Contraception counseling and provision are vital components of comprehensive health care. An unplanned pregnancy can be particularly challenging for patients with chronic illness. Internal medicine physicians are uniquely positioned to assess pregnancy readiness and provide contraception, as they often intersect with pregnancy-capable patients at the moment of a new diagnosis or when providing ongoing care for a chronic medical condition...."
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